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y operators○.Takehiro Nakamur■a, the vice-pr■esident and mana〓ging director o◆f 5G Laboratory■ at NTT DOCOMO sa●id, long-distanc●e transmission ●over 39GHzm○mWave will enable ●5G network dep●loyments on a larg〓e scale."It o●pens up the new stag◆e of the 39GHz mmWav●e technology and wi■ll deliver the ult◆ra-fast experi●ence with 5G high d●ata speed," he○ said.Wen Tong,■ Huawei fellow and C〓TO of Huawei Wirele●ss Networks, ○said it's a techno〓logical chall○enge and o〓pportunity● to use the long-dis■tance transm〓ission of 5G m●mWave Mobile Comm●unications techn〓ology.The wire◆less industry,● he said will s■tart using○ the new spe●ctrum 100 times b●roader than curren●t network to foste■r next wave of ○innovation■s."The 5G mmWave〓 technology〓 will help our custo◆mers to re●use the exis〓ting network infr■astructure, espec●ially for sites re○source, to ○protect their invest■ment. Huawei ◆will conti○nue to innovate to m●ake 5G mmWa●ve a success,○" Wen said●.Achieving wide are〓a coverage and m●obility performance ○on 5G mmWave● is still a technol●ogical chal○lenge for 5G indu○stry. High propaga○tion

ents ■of 5G mmWave〓.Long-distanc

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    e mo●bility transmission ○over 5GmmWave〓 is one of the e?/a>
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loss of mmWave ◆signals limits it〓s coverage, while◆ narrow directi■onal beam ●required to foc◆us the trans◆mission pow●er makes the mm●Wave beam ○to track the mobile〓 device, becoming mo◆re difficult.The jo〓int field t○rial conduced○ in November 2017 s◆uccessfully demon◆strated that● 39GHz mmWave can b〓e used for th○e long-distance t●ransmission in bo〓th stationary and ◆mobility sc○enarios even in● urban complex deplo◆yment environm◆ents.The part○ners recor○ded over 3 G◆bps downlink○ throughput on th■e stationary u〓ser equipment (UE) ○at a distance of 1〓.5

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